A Visit To Phuket’s Big Buddha

A Visit To Phuket’s Big Buddha

One of the top highlights of any visit to Phuket has to be a visit to the Big Buddha. This imposing structure sits atop the peak of mount Nagakerd in a national conserved forest and can be glimpsed as far as Karon Beach to the west. From this location, you can also capture sweeping views of much of the south of the island, including Phuket Town, Chalong Bay, and Kata.

It is a key landmark that is greatly revered for its beautiful detailing and imposing size. It is in fact the third tallest statue in Thailand, measuring an impressive 40 metres in height and 25.45 metres in width. This Buddha statue depicts Gautama in a seated position. It is made of reinforced concrete that is covered with layers of Burmese white jade marble. This helps give it a much-admired brilliant shine when the sun is out.

Next to this is another Buddha statue that though smaller, is made of brass covered in gold. There are also several other smaller statues of Buddha and other celebrated monks. It is a popular island destination, often attracting as many as 1,000 visitors a day. It was built and is maintained through donations. When you donate you can receive a tile to sign your name on and have it placed in the Big Buddha for posterity.

Guests of Trisara should not miss out on a visit to this magnificent site. It is just an hour’s drive via route 4024. If you however prefer to keep the scenic coastline in sight, then take route 4030 that is about 15 minutes longer. A stay at Trisara offers a tranquil respite made all the more enjoyable by luxury amenities, stunning natural vistas, and exclusive resort accommodation in Phuket. You can create even better memories of your trip to the island by adding in some cultural experiences like a visit to this renowned religious site.

The Cultural Melting Pot That Is Phuket

The Cultural Melting Pot That Is Phuket

Even the most casual visitor to Phuket will have noticed that the region is a mix of ethnicities and cultures. While Thai culture does dominate, there are many other influences made evident, particularly that of the Chinese. Many Chinese shrines are not only religious sites, but also make up the focal point of such celebrations as Chinese New Year and the Chinese Vegetarian Festival.


The Jui Tui Shrine in Phuket town is the oldest Chinese shrine and is a mere 40-minute drive from Trisara. It is beautifully and colourfully decorated for festival celebrations. From firecrackers to processions, it can be quite rousing during such events, providing an immersive experience for cultural visitors.

The Vegetarian Festival takes place in the ninth lunar month, with devotees and visitors congregating at Chinese shrines across Phuket for festivities. It is a lively event with processions, displays of self-flagellation and mutilation, and firecrackers being a part of the festivities.

While shrines in and around Phuket town are popular, guests at Trisara may appreciate a visit to the closer Tha Rua shrine. Just a 20-minutes drive away, it is the island’s largest shrine and the 4th oldest Taoist temple. Made up in green, red, and gold colours it offers wonderful depictions of dragons and other Chinese art.

Phuket also plays host to other important cultural events including the Loy Krathong, Patong Carnival, the Phuket Old Town Festival, the Songkran Festival, the Kathu Festival, and the Hungry Ghost Festival, to name a few. Many have their roots in Chinese and other Asian cultures, but others are based on local folklore and tradition. There are also many sporting events and showcases to attend including the Laguna Phuket Marathon, the Bay Regatta, and the Phuket International Boat Show.

When booking your stay at Trisara luxury beach resort you may want to look up the local calendar of festivals to identify events to attend. Most are within easy driving distance of the resort and provide an excellent opportunity to add some excitement to your Thai vacation.

Trisara offers the perfect island retreat bordered by calm glittering sea waters. The luxury residences and villas are complemented by fine dining and spa services to ensure a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing stay. When not relaxing on the beach or indulging in a spa treatment, consider a jaunt further inland to experience the wonders of the local and foreign cultures that make Phuket so unique.

A Stroll through Phuket Old Town

A Stroll through Phuket Old Town

Located about 30 kilometres southeast of Trisara Villa Resort is Phuket Old Town. While most travellers to Phuket are drawn by the natural beauty and warm weather, there is more to this idyllic isle. Once a thriving tin-mining centre and home to expansive rubber plantations, Phuket attracted traders from distant lands looking to trade.


Those from China and Europe had a strong influence on the architecture as seen by the Sino-Portuguese style buildings that populate Old Town. Colourful and picturesque, these structures make for a fascinating backdrop when you stroll along the main streets. Dibuk, Phang Nga, and Ratsada roads are excellent for viewing displays of this stunning construction.

As you roam the streets of Old Town, be sure to check out other cultural attractions that give a wonderful insight into the rich history of the region. The historical The Memory at On Hotel located along Phang Nga road will be familiar to fans of Leonardo DiCaprio led film, the Beach. It is the islands oldest hotel and features a lovely silk and textile shop where you can get souvenirs.



The Thai Hua Museum on Krabi Road is a repository for the history and artefacts of Chinese migrants that came to the island in the 1800s to work in tin mines.  The building itself is an excellent and beautifully maintained example of the region’s Sino-Portuguese architecture. The museum features over a dozen exhibition rooms and a garden area.

Take a break around lunch or dinner to grab a meal at the Blue Elephant. Besides being one of the finest restaurants on the island offering Royal Thai cuisine, it was also the governor’s mansion. This 105-year old stately building has been carefully restored, breathing new life into opulent surroundings.

Like the rest of Thailand, Phuket Old Town offers a wonderful variety of eateries with a strong emphasis on Thai and other Asian cuisines. Visit Tunk-Ka Café for some delicious stewed pork belly or drop in at Torry’s Ice Cream for tasty local desserts like a-pong and o-aew.

Trisara- The Hidden Gem Of Phuket Island

Trisara- The Hidden Gem Of Phuket Island

Phuket is considered the top tourist destination for travellers to Thailand. And with good reason when you consider the fantastic landscape, beautiful beaches, hospitable locals, and conducive weather. Now there is another reason to want to visit. Trisara is one of the most luxurious and private villa resorts for holidaymakers wanting to enjoy a romantic and relaxing vacation.


Arriving guests can request free airport transportation provided in the form of either an SUV or shuttle service. The resort is just a 20-minute drive from Phuket International Airport. At the hotel, you will be welcomed by the sight of beautifully landscaped lawns and pagoda styled lobbies with fantastic ocean views. You will also catch a glimpse of the amazing tiered waterfall.

Accommodation ranges from junior suites to six-bedroom villas. All suites and villas offer ocean views and a private pool surrounded by thick foliage for privacy. Wood flooring, ceilings, and white walls are the common motif, complemented by tasteful furnishings and amenities including a well-stocked minibar, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning. The bathrooms are spacious and well-appointed. Those in more luxurious accommodation also get to enjoy full kitchens, defined living areas, and generous outdoor patio space for entertaining.


Located on a private beach, Trisara offers guests the welcome opportunity to frolic on the white sands without the worry of congestion. The clear blue waters are a wonderful lure for those that enjoy swimming and diving. Those looking to go on excursions can easily hire kayaks to take them further off-shore.

Closer to home, guests have access to a well-equipped modern gym, tennis courts, and an infinity pool. Guests can also take up yoga and Thai boxing classes. The resort also has its own wellness spa that offers a range of rejuvenating and relaxing therapies.

The menus at Trisara are based on what is freshly and seasonally available. A generous breakfast buffet and à la carte dining on the patio are the norm. You can however request room service or have a private barbecue at your villa or on the beach.

Discover The Magic Of Koh Waeo

Discover The Magic Of Koh Waeo

For travellers to Phuket Island looking to explore and have fun, there are many excursions to consider both offshore and inland. One of the best places to get started is Nai Yang. This beach is just 10 kilometres north of the Trisara resort. It is one of the most tranquil beaches in the region that does not attract crowds. It is a great starting point for diving excursions to various locations along the coast.


A trip to Koh Waeo is a must for those who prefer somewhere off the beaten path. This rocky outcrop in the Andaman Sea may seem desolate, but its surrounding waters are absolutely teeming with life. An excellent location for snorkelling and diving, the clear unspoiled blue waters make for the perfect place to spot barracuda, parrotfish, turtles, and much more.

Further on is the Tin Mining Wreck. Marine life has beautifully colonised this vessel, offering an immense diversity of sea and coral life to discover. The wreck is at a depth of 14-15 metres and is home to porcupine fish, lionfish, blue-spotted rays, to name a few.


For more diving pleasure, the Stone Coral Garden is a must to visit. As the name suggests, this shallow dive site is famed for its huge variety of hard corals that can be discovered in depths as low as 12 metres. There are amazing schools of fish that will swim by, including juvenile reef fish and snapper. Be on the lookout for moray eels and sun rays that also frolic amongst the coral formations.

The best way to access these sites is by boat. At Nai Yang, you can easily hire a suitable vessel that will comfortably take you to whatever diving spots in the area. Come ready to have fun and be amazed at the beautiful natural surroundings that make Phuket one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Reasons to Vacation in Phuket

Reasons to Vacation in Phuket

One of the hallmarks of a top tourist destination is variety. And Phuket offers just that. This island province welcomes millions of visitors each year looking to relax, explore, and delve into some high octane fun. Here are a few of the highlights Phuket Island has to offer to anybody staying with us at Trisara.

The Beaches

Thailand is home to some of the world’s most beautifully pristine beaches. Several of which can be found in Phuket. Their white powdery sands and stunning jade hued waters overlooked by forested hills make for a huge draw. While they can vary somewhat in terms of size, accessibility, and foot traffic, they are all naturally beautiful with amenities ranging from surf schools to high-end restaurants. Those looking to enjoy a more private experience of tropical paradise should consider exclusive resorts like Trisara, the garden in the third heaven. Our private beach ensures guests enjoy unfettered sweeping views of the sea and can frolic on the powdery soft sands without contending with crowds.

The Temples

Phuket hosts 29 amazing Buddhist temples with the most popular being Wat Chalong. These colourful temples adorned in red and gold are a sight to behold. Those with an interest in culture and religion will appreciate the temples and dedicated museums. You can also easily spot the Big Buddha from any location on the south of Phuket Island.

The Islands

No stay at Trisara is complete without a visit to the nearby islands. Phuket is surrounded by hundreds of unspoiled islands that can be easily accessed with a boat ride. Many of these feature unspoiled beaches, clear waters, and rugged terrain that adventure seekers can enjoy. Diving around these islands is a popular activity thanks to the abundance of marine life in the surrounding coral reefs. Spend a day island hopping and exploring everything from the Phi Phi Islands to Richelieu Rock.

The Sunny Weather

The best time to enjoy a trip to the beach is when there is sunny weather. It makes for the perfect climate to explore watery depths and leaves you with a golden tan. Phuket is blessed to enjoy warm weather virtually year-round. While the high season is when the climate is best, other times of the year can be just as good to enjoy the outdoors. Occasional rains can be expected but last a matter of minutes.

The Food

As well as Fine Dining at Trisara Phuket is home to a wide array of high-end to budget-friendly restaurants. If you want to enjoy some of the finest local Thai or international dishes then you will not be disappointed. Thai cuisine is appreciated for its use of fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices. Visitors and locals do appreciate the variety and depth of flavours that can be found in various eateries around the islands.

The Nightlife

For many travellers, a vacation is not complete without some revelry. Many of Phuket’s beaches are lined with bars and clubs, but the highest concentration is to be found along Bangla Road. The entire street is a party scene where you can find just about any ambience. Whether you are looking for a sports bar or want to dance the night away, there is ample choice to choose from. If looking for more colourful entertainment, try the Simon Cabaret show.

Most Popular Beaches in Phuket

Most Popular Beaches in Phuket


There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a day at the beach. This is especially the case when it is at a destination famous for its stunning landscape and multitude of other attractions like scuba diving and snorkelling. Phuket is home to some of the most pristine shorelines the world over. With over 30 beaches, there is no shortage of locations one can visit to enjoy either a fun-filled time or simply relax on the sands.

Trisara is located on this stunning island, and here we consider some of the most popular and out-of-the-way Phuket beach spots that are our guests can enjoy.

Kata Beach

Located along the west coast of Phuket, Kata Beach is one of the larger beaches in the region with about 1.5 km of shoreline. It is a popular choice for locals and tourist families that require more legroom for everyone wanting to sunbathe on its white sands. Its palm tree-lined shore makes for great cover when people want to eat and drink while enjoying the views. The beach has excellent access to a variety of amenities thanks to the many shops and eateries that are run along the beach. Travellers can opt to stay at one of the several resorts here which provide easy access to this not so busy beach.

Freedom Beach

Just a 10-minute boat ride from Patong, this hidden gem of a destination is one of the most picturesque thanks to its jade coloured waters and immaculate sands. It is an unspoiled paradise that though not easy to get to, offers one a throwback to a time before Thailand became a top tourist destination. Freedom beach is also one of the cleanest beaches you will find in Phuket, with just one delectable restaurant at the south end.

Nai Thon Beach

A visit to Nai Thon is made all the more delightful by the route followed. The winding drive to this secluded destination will take you through virgin rainforests that lead to the soft white sands of the beach. During the high season, it is a great place to try out some diving or take a boating trip to explore rocky coves in the area. Those looking for a more private experience may want to travel a few minutes southward to Trisara Beach. Accessible only to guests of the resort or diners of its top restaurants, it is the perfect spot for some easy relaxation and pampering.

Kamala Beach

Located north of Patong, this is another popular choice for tourists looking for a calmer experience. The bay is overseen by forested hills that make for natural scenic beauty whichever direction you look. The calm shallow waters make it a good option for families, with water activities more easily available during high season. It is bordered by a variety of restaurants ranging from the high-end to budget-friendly. It is also considered one of the cleanest beaches in the province, possibly thanks to its lighter traffic as compared to the livelier Patong beach. Guests of Trisara looking to mingle with locals and other tourists here are just a 30-minute drive from this location.

Surin Beach

This naturally blessed shoreline offers pristine white sands on which to frolic and stunning turquoise depths to surf and explore. The waters here are deeper than most other beaches, making it ideal for fans of scuba diving and snorkelling. Surfing and kayaking activities are also popular but care should be taken as the tides can sometimes get a bit rough. The area has plenty of high-end resorts and hotels with a museum, temple, park, and green market in close proximity.

The Luxury Villa Experience in Phuket

The Luxury Villa Experience in Phuket

Your accommodation plays a large part in your vacation experience and here at Trisara, we offer luxury Villa experiences that will help to make your stay a special one. All of our friendly and professional staff looks forward to welcoming you to the land of smiles. Below are just a few of the reasons why our guests come back year after year.

Magnificent Views

When you have a suite or villa facing the Andaman Sea, there is nothing quite like it. Guests of Trisara are spoilt with stunning views of the ocean and the beach. Here you will find that each villa is surrounded by luscious gardens that not only obscure guests from other properties but also add to the natural charm of the scenery. From sunrise to sunset, guests get to enjoy sweeping views of beaches, bays and sometimes islands beyond.


Those that value their privacy will find that a luxury villa is just what they need. Our resort makes use of greenery to segregate properties, ensuring guests enjoy maximum privacy, whether inside the villa or enjoying a drink out on the terrace. The sloping terrain ensures that only the backside and roofing of properties can be seen from above, so even if you are closest to the beach, you still get to keep your privacy at all times. Private gate access and canopied walkways add to the feeling of intimacy.

Top Class Amenities

The creature comforts you would enjoy at any five-star hotel can just as easily be found in a private villa. Basics like internet Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and bathrobe and slippers are to be expected. You will also have the added benefit of a private pool, terrace, and garden area. Our guests can always expect the best of everything during their stay, including the finest furnishings and fittings. We want you to feel as though you are in the lap of luxury throughout your stay with us.


Range of Choice

The luxury villa experience is not confined to just palatial properties. While there are villas that have many rooms, it does not mean guests that are on their own or just a couple cannot be accommodated. We are delighted to offer private residences that range from one-bedroom junior suites to 8-bedroom villas. This means you can find accommodation that will match your needs and budget, even if not accompanied by friends or family. Feel free to contact us and the team at Trisara will be delighted to help you with just what you need.


We also give you the opportunity to invest and have a luxury villa that belongs to you. Being an owner allows you more control over such issues as design; it can also be a great source of revenue if you allow the property to be rented out by the resort. When you do decide to stay at your property, you get to enjoy the same services and facilities as other guests of the resort. Occupied or unoccupied, these villas are always well taken care of by our dedicated staff.

Getting Married in Phuket

Getting Married in Phuket


A wedding is one of the most special days of any marriage.  Any couple would want to have a memorable day in the best surroundings possible. What better surroundings are there than the stunning island of Phuket, Thailand? Phuket is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with a lovely mix of natural splendour, a warm climate, and welcoming culture that makes it a top destination for weddings.

Here at Trisara we aim to make your wedding a day that you will never forget for all the right reasons. Below we offer some advice on ensuring your special day is perfect.

Ceremonial or Legal

Getting married away from home can be somewhat complicated. Here in Thailand, it will require visits to your embassy or consulate to secure a notarized Letter of Intent, having your documentation, including passports, translated into Thai, and visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have this registered.

Depending on circumstances and your country of origin, you may be required to provide additional documents. After the wedding, the certificate must be translated back into your language. All this work may require running around for several days before the wedding ceremony and a bit more afterwards.

The easiest way around this is to simply get married back home and come to Phuket for the ceremony. That way the legal aspects are taken care of and you can relax and focus on the celebrations.

Another option could be to engage the services of a marriage planner that can have someone handle the paperwork for you. This will naturally attract extra charges but does ensure an expert who understands the legalities sees to the details.

Location, Location, Location

Every couple has a picture in their mind of what they want their wedding to look like. Phuket offers a variety of idyllic settings to choose from. Trisara offers the choice of luscious gardens and pristine private beaches where couples can set the stage for the most important day in their lives. Private villas are also easily available for more intimate gatherings. Our private beach offers an intimate setting for up to 30 guests, while our private residences and deck area can accommodate larger gatherings of 80-120 guests.

Destination weddings also provide a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to enjoy some vacation time while bonding and indulging in festivities. Choosing a location like Phuket ensures accessibility to all manner of amusements. Whether you prefer to lounge poolside enjoying the warm sun or desire to dance the night away in nightclubs, there is something for everyone.

The Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is highly recommended when getting married in Phuket. You will want someone with connections in the industry that can take care of all the details. Besides helping with any legal paperwork, you will also want to ensure your guests are well taken care of. A wedding planner can organise an itinerary of activities for those guests who prefer more high-octane or cultural fun than simply relaxing poolside.

They will also handle all issues to do with vendors so everything is ready on time, just the way you want it. Trisara offers the services of a dedicated wedding planner as part of its wedding packages so you can a have a contact person overseeing all aspects of your occasion.