Discover The Magic Of Koh Waeo

Discover The Magic Of Koh Waeo

For travellers to Phuket Island looking to explore and have fun, there are many excursions to consider both offshore and inland. One of the best places to get started is Nai Yang. This beach is just 10 kilometres north of the Trisara resort. It is one of the most tranquil beaches in the region that does not attract crowds. It is a great starting point for diving excursions to various locations along the coast.


A trip to Koh Waeo is a must for those who prefer somewhere off the beaten path. This rocky outcrop in the Andaman Sea may seem desolate, but its surrounding waters are absolutely teeming with life. An excellent location for snorkelling and diving, the clear unspoiled blue waters make for the perfect place to spot barracuda, parrotfish, turtles, and much more.

Further on is the Tin Mining Wreck. Marine life has beautifully colonised this vessel, offering an immense diversity of sea and coral life to discover. The wreck is at a depth of 14-15 metres and is home to porcupine fish, lionfish, blue-spotted rays, to name a few.


For more diving pleasure, the Stone Coral Garden is a must to visit. As the name suggests, this shallow dive site is famed for its huge variety of hard corals that can be discovered in depths as low as 12 metres. There are amazing schools of fish that will swim by, including juvenile reef fish and snapper. Be on the lookout for moray eels and sun rays that also frolic amongst the coral formations.

The best way to access these sites is by boat. At Nai Yang, you can easily hire a suitable vessel that will comfortably take you to whatever diving spots in the area. Come ready to have fun and be amazed at the beautiful natural surroundings that make Phuket one of the top tourist destinations in the world.