JARA means journey. And, in our journey to wellness, the Ficus inspires and guides.

Jara Spa is situated within the lush jungle and pure air of the Garden in the th­ird Heaven. ­The century old spiritual Ficus tree envelops our spa and provides the inspiration for the journey of balanced wellbeing.


A quest. A sojourn. A timeless pursuit of well-being inspired by the restorative spirit of nature.

JARA Discoveries take inspiration from the ‘five pillars’ – elements of the ficus tree that collectively nourish, invigorate and heal. Tailored to meet individual needs, this curated journey to wellness can take several hours or can unfold over a period of days. Rooted in traditional Thai healing practices, some of which date back thousands of years, each discovery takes cue from the restorative spirit of nature and addresses the sensitivities of modern living. JARA Discoveries begins in our spa’s lush gardens and sea-facing views, and the knowledge returns home with you.

THE FIVE PILLARS : Nourish the roots, engage with the earth, provide strength to the core, be peaceful, take care of the inner self and outward beauty will blossom. ­The same principles can be applied to human beings and thus true wellbeing is achieved through the relationship of five pillars which has become the philosophy of our spa experience.


Rejuvenation through nutrition and balance of energy represented by the roots of the tree as they provide the rest of the tree with stability, nourishment and grounding.


Fitness and physical renewal represented by the trunk of the tree as a healthy core provides strength and balance.


Eternal youth through anti – aging practices represented by the branches of the tree that continue to grow and produce flowers as long as the branches are healthy.


Spa, beauty and the simple power of pleasure, represented by the healthy leaves and fruit bared when the rest of the tree is taken care of.


Mind & body represented by the spirituality of the tree. The tree has long been the chosen home of our spirit house, a shrine to the protective spirit of the Trisara land.


Exposure to green (land) and blue (ocean) spaces is associated with improved physical and mental health and also a key ingredient in longevity and vitality. Our qualified trainers will provide you with active lifestyle experience and lead you to a state of holistic health.


What fuels your spirit fuels your body.

Exploring deeply healing signature therapies to promote a sense of well-being. Besides the pleasant time, the most important goal is to enhance the body’s ability to improve total wellbeing and state of peace. Focused on people with a high rhythm of life.

Let yourself be taken to a world of energy, balance, and harmony.

Choose our rejuvenating spa treatments to rejuvenate your soul and body.