Ardisia Polycephala

Family name: Myrsinaceae

Scientific name:
• Ardisia colorata Roxb. Myrsinaceae
• Ardisia Pendulifera Pitard
• Ardisia polycephala Wall.

It is a small canopy perennial, about 2-4 meters high

The cotyledons are long, oval, pointed leaves, alternate, about 2 inches wide, about 7 inches long, thick leaves, smooth surface, smooth edges, like the Chamuang leaves. The back line is slightly convex, scorched frame.

Flower characteristics: 
The flower is a reddish purple bouquet of leaves and branches.

Effect characteristics:
Mature green, ripe fruit, black and purple.

Portion used as food:
Leaf and fruit

• Use the dried ripe fruit and grind it into powder mixed with honey to form a bolus, the size of the user’s little finger, eat 3 tablets at a time or use 1 tablespoon of powder mixed with half a glass of water.

• Help maintain blood and cure women’s menstrual disease, cure liver disability, cure lung disability, flowers kill germs, cure fever, diarrhea, cure hives, cure disability elements, cure early malnutrition, kill skin parasites, leprosy root, cure venereal disease, gonorrhea, cure snake venom.

Credit: wikipedia