Crinum asiaticum flowers

Crinum Asiaticum

Family name: Amaryllidaceae

Common Name:
•  Poison bulb
•  Giant crinum lily
•  Grand crinum lily
•  Spider lily

Crinum asiaticum is a perennial herb which may grow 1 m tall. It has a leaf base formed pseudobulb is spherical, the upper part of the bulb is cylindrical, and the base is laterally branched, with a diameter of about 6-15 cm

Leaves lanceolate, margin undulate, apically acuminate with 1 sharp pointed, dark green, up to 1 m long, width 7-12 cm or wider; leaves 20-30 per branch.

Flower characteristics:
The inflorescence is umbel that has 10-24 flowers, multiple petals, aromatic. Flower stem erect, as long as the leaf, solid. Spathe is lanceolate, membranous, 6-10 cm. Bractlet liner, 3-7 cm. Perianth tube slender and straight, green white, 7-10 cm, diameter 1.5-2 mm. Corolla spider-like shaped, white, linear, revolute, attenuate, long 4.5-9 cm, wide 6-9 mm. Corolla lobes 6. Pedicel ca 0.5-2.5 cm long. Stamens 6 reddish. Filaments 4-5 cm long. Anthers liner, attenuate, ca. 1.5 cm long or more. Ovary fusiform, up to 2 cm long. Fruit an oblate capsule, green, diameter 3-5 cm. Seeds large, exotesta spongy.

Portion used as food:
Leaf and fruit


•  Leaves can be used to treat aches, relieve bruises, pain and swelling.

•  Also, can be applied to mothers who have recently given birth or stay on fire by putting it on the abdomen causing the uterus to stay in place, dry amniotic fluid, eliminate excess fat, and expel various wastes from the body of the newborn mother.

•  Use fresh root to grind and apply on the wound to stop the bleeding.