Reasons to Vacation in Phuket

Reasons to Vacation in Phuket

One of the hallmarks of a top tourist destination is variety. And Phuket offers just that. This island province welcomes millions of visitors each year looking to relax, explore, and delve into some high octane fun. Here are a few of the highlights Phuket Island has to offer to anybody staying with us at Trisara.

The Beaches

Thailand is home to some of the world’s most beautifully pristine beaches. Several of which can be found in Phuket. Their white powdery sands and stunning jade hued waters overlooked by forested hills make for a huge draw. While they can vary somewhat in terms of size, accessibility, and foot traffic, they are all naturally beautiful with amenities ranging from surf schools to high-end restaurants. Those looking to enjoy a more private experience of tropical paradise should consider exclusive resorts like Trisara, the garden in the third heaven. Our private beach ensures guests enjoy unfettered sweeping views of the sea and can frolic on the powdery soft sands without contending with crowds.

The Temples

Phuket hosts 29 amazing Buddhist temples with the most popular being Wat Chalong. These colourful temples adorned in red and gold are a sight to behold. Those with an interest in culture and religion will appreciate the temples and dedicated museums. You can also easily spot the Big Buddha from any location on the south of Phuket Island.

The Islands

No stay at Trisara is complete without a visit to the nearby islands. Phuket is surrounded by hundreds of unspoiled islands that can be easily accessed with a boat ride. Many of these feature unspoiled beaches, clear waters, and rugged terrain that adventure seekers can enjoy. Diving around these islands is a popular activity thanks to the abundance of marine life in the surrounding coral reefs. Spend a day island hopping and exploring everything from the Phi Phi Islands to Richelieu Rock.

The Sunny Weather

The best time to enjoy a trip to the beach is when there is sunny weather. It makes for the perfect climate to explore watery depths and leaves you with a golden tan. Phuket is blessed to enjoy warm weather virtually year-round. While the high season is when the climate is best, other times of the year can be just as good to enjoy the outdoors. Occasional rains can be expected but last a matter of minutes.

The Food

As well as Fine Dining at Trisara Phuket is home to a wide array of high-end to budget-friendly restaurants. If you want to enjoy some of the finest local Thai or international dishes then you will not be disappointed. Thai cuisine is appreciated for its use of fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices. Visitors and locals do appreciate the variety and depth of flavours that can be found in various eateries around the islands.

The Nightlife

For many travellers, a vacation is not complete without some revelry. Many of Phuket’s beaches are lined with bars and clubs, but the highest concentration is to be found along Bangla Road. The entire street is a party scene where you can find just about any ambience. Whether you are looking for a sports bar or want to dance the night away, there is ample choice to choose from. If looking for more colourful entertainment, try the Simon Cabaret show.