The Cultural Melting Pot That Is Phuket

The Cultural Melting Pot That Is Phuket

Even the most casual visitor to Phuket will have noticed that the region is a mix of ethnicities and cultures. While Thai culture does dominate, there are many other influences made evident, particularly that of the Chinese. Many Chinese shrines are not only religious sites, but also make up the focal point of such celebrations as Chinese New Year and the Chinese Vegetarian Festival.


The Jui Tui Shrine in Phuket town is the oldest Chinese shrine and is a mere 40-minute drive from Trisara. It is beautifully and colourfully decorated for festival celebrations. From firecrackers to processions, it can be quite rousing during such events, providing an immersive experience for cultural visitors.

The Vegetarian Festival takes place in the ninth lunar month, with devotees and visitors congregating at Chinese shrines across Phuket for festivities. It is a lively event with processions, displays of self-flagellation and mutilation, and firecrackers being a part of the festivities.

While shrines in and around Phuket town are popular, guests at Trisara may appreciate a visit to the closer Tha Rua shrine. Just a 20-minutes drive away, it is the island’s largest shrine and the 4th oldest Taoist temple. Made up in green, red, and gold colours it offers wonderful depictions of dragons and other Chinese art.

Phuket also plays host to other important cultural events including the Loy Krathong, Patong Carnival, the Phuket Old Town Festival, the Songkran Festival, the Kathu Festival, and the Hungry Ghost Festival, to name a few. Many have their roots in Chinese and other Asian cultures, but others are based on local folklore and tradition. There are also many sporting events and showcases to attend including the Laguna Phuket Marathon, the Bay Regatta, and the Phuket International Boat Show.

When booking your stay at Trisara luxury beach resort you may want to look up the local calendar of festivals to identify events to attend. Most are within easy driving distance of the resort and provide an excellent opportunity to add some excitement to your Thai vacation.

Trisara offers the perfect island retreat bordered by calm glittering sea waters. The luxury residences and villas are complemented by fine dining and spa services to ensure a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing stay. When not relaxing on the beach or indulging in a spa treatment, consider a jaunt further inland to experience the wonders of the local and foreign cultures that make Phuket so unique.